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Concept 42 is a specialized technology consulting firm in the Phoenix, AZ metro area dedicated to assisting small to medium-sized businesses with a comprehensive range of services, including email management, web hosting, web development, mobile application development, and texting services, as well as network and computer configuration and maintenance.

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Managed IT Support & Consulting in Phoenix

Technology Solutions

Some technology partners we work with along with technology solutions we embrace

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is a specialized service designed for hosting websites built on the WordPress platform. It optimizes performance, security, and scalability for seamless management of WordPress sites.

Texting services

A text alerting service that can deliver real-time notifications to keep your constituency informed. Send instant updates, reminders, and important messages via text message, ensuring everyone receives crucial information when needed.


Professional technology consulting provide expert guidance and solutions for businesses, optimizing IT infrastructure, enhancing security, offering tailored strategies to address complex tech challenges and drive sustainable growth.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace offers seamless collaboration and productivity tools, enabling teams to work together efficiently. Enjoy secure email, cloud storage, and integrated apps, simplifying work and enhancing team productivity and efficiency.
Google Workspace Partner

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 provides a comprehensive suite of tools for modern businesses. From powerful productivity apps including email, to secure cloud storage and team collaboration, it’s an all-in-one solution for seamless work.
Microsoft Solutions Partner

Zoho Suite

The Zoho productivity tools redefine workplace efficiency with a wide array of integrated applications. From CRM to finance, email, collaboration, and more, it’s the smart choice for streamlining your business processes.